In a complex world that changes faster and faster every day, the most important skill you possess is your ability to continuously learn, adapt and evolve. Those that commit to improving this ability will be those who are thriving as individuals, teams and organizations into the uncertain future. Those that don’t will be left behind.



Articulating Your Purpose with the 4 Integral Relationships

January 26, 2016 Taking on a new venture these days is not at all like it once was. For the most part, enterprises were once created by individuals or groups of individuals with certain competencies that created and executed a strategic plan of action based on what they knew how [...]

6 Steps to Lean Project Development

January 19, 2016 At the heart of transforming an idea into reality is the learning process. For most types of projects, an effective solution is not created by a master building their masterpiece in a state of isolation. An effective solution emerges, as in nature, as a result of a [...]

9 Essential Steps for the Self-Directed Learner

January 13, 2015 We all have an incredible opportunity presented to us each and every day — that is, to learn what we need to learn to evolve toward the fulfillment of our potential as individuals, organizations, and communities. The resources are vast and readily available, yet often we get [...]

Co-Evolving with Place: Localized Pattern Harmonization

December 30, 2015 One fundamental flaw of standardized education is that we don’t develop our abilities to address the most common response found in the real world: IT DEPENDS. We come to expect that there is one correct answer for everyone, and to be intelligent is to have that answer [...]

Transforming the Human Narrative: The Rise of Regenerative Development & Design

December 15, 2015 The novelist Terry Pratchett once wrote, “people think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it’s the other way around.” However it seems these types of dichotomies are often both/and more than they are either/or. It is true that we are shaped by the stories that [...]

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