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In a healthy old-growth forest, plants and trees have established what are called mycorrhizae —mutually beneficial relationships with fungal networks in the soil. These networks operate in fascinating ways that we are only beginning to understand. Through them, plants are able to transfer nutrients, send signals about changes in the environment, and identify family members. In other words, they communicate and support one another’s growth as they learn, adapt and evolve together.

Wired Roots’ mission is to support human systems — families, teams, organizations, and communities — to develop the type of resilience, beauty and abundance found in the old-growth forest. The focus is on building healthy “soil” — vibrant learning networks that help us support one another’s development as we look to adapt and evolve in the face of the many unprecedented, complex challenges of the modern day.

These challenges are calling on us to improve our ability to think and learn better than ever before in this rapidly changing environment. The opportunities are infinite as new tools and insights continually emerge.

At the heart of our work at Wired Roots is supporting you to think, learn and work more strategically — to recognize that you are an important part of various living systems in which you have a considerable influence, and to empower you to better co-evolve with these systems.

While we can look to build more dynamic and effective sociotechnical systems that support this development, at the same time we need to grow into a deeper understanding of how our human systems are integrated with complex ecosystems in interdependent relationships. We need to not only nourish the metaphorical soil of our social networks, but as well the literal soil from which our lives and livelihoods are made possible.

It is our deep-seated belief that as human beings, we do not have an inherently destructive presence on Earth — that we have the potential to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with nature and with the planet. An important part of this shift is letting go of the human-as-destroyer narrative and stepping into a new story about ourselves, one in which we are not villains, but heroes — as individuals, families, teams, organizations, communities, and as an entire species together.

This narrative is not something that will be sold to you. It is something that is emerging, something that must be co-created by all of us, on every level. Our aim is to equip you with the tools to do that to the best of your own inherent potential — to help you grow in your own unique context, into the value-adding roles that are calling to you personally.

Never before has it been more important for us to become highly skilled self-directed learners, capable of navigating the complexities of this age, taking advantage of the incredible opportunities at our fingertips, and supporting one another well in the process.

If this message resonates with you and you see in yourself, your family, team, organization or community an opportunity to upgrade how you are learning and growing, please take advantage of our offer for a free consultation and/or check out our other offerings.

Thanks for your valuable time and attention, and we look forward to connecting soon.


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