How Patterns, Systems & Design Will Drive Education Futures

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May 11, 2016 The human being’s capacity for pattern recognition is extraordinary. Through observation of the patterns found in nature, we have come to understand much about our place in the universe and its interworking. Yet our systems of education and learning are largely organized into separated disciplines taught in [...]

7 Key Edges for Effective Learning Through Project Work

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April 20, 2016 Life can be seen as a series of overlapping projects. These projects are all powerful learning experiences — however, when they are consciously approached as such the growth intensifies as does the quality of the work. Becoming an effective project designer and developer is to become an [...]

Developing Multiple Intelligences & The Superficiality of the Modern Diversity Movement

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February 2, 2016 A resilient natural system, say an old-growth forest for example, is so because it is highly diverse. A wide range of individual lifeforms have been able to thrive there—allowed to do what they do best as complex, mutually beneficial relationships are formed and perpetually evolved. As a [...]

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