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Our Mission

At Wired Roots our mission is clear: to empower people by supporting them to learn better.

We feel that the ability of any individual, team, organization, or community to learn and adapt to change is fundamental to surviving and thriving in these complex times. Everything that matters is closely tied to this ability — your health, your finances, your roles and relationships, and your quality of life.

Modern learning is, above all else, a daily practice. Excelling in this practice involves not only specialized skills and knowledge, but often developing new habits, attitudes and perspectives.

As dedicated learning professionals, we understand that a transformative learning experience goes far beyond a transfer of information from expert to novice, though most of us have learned this way in the past. We meet our clients where they are, personalizing and contextualizing the learning experience with dynamic interactions and rich dialogue supported by high quality digital content.

To support you in developing your modern learning practice, we currently offer the following products and services:

Transformative Action Learning Coaching

Receive personalized, 1-on-1 support as you develop in your transformative action learning practice. Having a coach that works with you to set goals, create accountability, and guide you along the way is a powerful and highly effective way to make real progress.


Consulting, Development & Design Services

We work with leaders to help them support their teams, organizations and communities to learn better together. This includes developing learning strategies, designing programs, creating high quality custom content, and facilitating meetings/events.


Meet Tom

Wired Roots was founded by Tom Palmer while completing his Master of Science degree in Organizational Learning and Living Systems Design at Gaia University.

Tom grew up in south-central Alaska, where his love for the natural world began and was nourished. He went on to study Literature and Philosophy as an undergraduate at Colorado State University, following his interest in how perspective and behavior was influenced by storytelling and narrative.

After graduating, Tom relocated to Chile where he has worked for the past 8 years as a university professor, academic advisor and learning designer. During that time he met his wife Francisca, discovered permaculture (a principled approach to designing sustainable human systems), and built a home on their family farm where he now spends most of the year with his wife and daughter.

Tom’s diverse background has led him to a unique perspective on organizational learning . Combining his interests in narrative, living systems design and regenerative development, he is passionate about helping his clients adapt, evolve and thrive during this critical point in our human story.

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